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Home Equity = Wealth

Sharlan Kozak As Home Equity Rises, So Does Your Wealth Homeownership is still a crucial part of the American dream. For those people who own a home (and those looking to buy one), it’s clear that being a homeowner has considerable benefits both emotionally and financially. In addition to long-term stability, buying a home is ...

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Fall in Love with Homeownership

Sharlan Kozak Why It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Homeownership Some Highlights Homeownership provides comfort, stability, and security, and it makes you feel more connected to your community. Your home is something to be proud of and is uniquely yours, so you can customize it to your heart’s desire. ...

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Want to Build Wealth? Buy a Home This Year.

Sharlan Kozak Want to Build Wealth? Buy a Home This Year. Every year, households across the country make the decision to rent for another year or take the leap into homeownership. They look at their earnings and savings and then decide what makes the most financial sense. That equation will ...

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